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Septic services

Septic Services

Keep Your Septic System Running Smoothly

With the services from T & L Septic Service LLC, you can be confident that your septic system will run smoothly. From sand mound systems to underground septic tanks, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly install and care for all forms of septic systems. If you are in need of septic tank cleaning or septic pumping services in Clinton County and surrounding areas call us today to discuss how we can offer a fast and affordable solution.

Septic Pumping Services


Routine septic tank pumping is one of the most important factors in maintaining an efficient septic system. Regular servicing will help avoid buildup and reduce the need for costly septic repairs. It also allows us to identify potential problems before they happen.

It is recommended that you get your septic tank pumped every 2 to 3 years. Call us today to schedule a septic pumping!

Save money on your septic pumping services by counting on the affordable rates at T & L Septic Service LLC. You’ll get the very best in septic system maintenance, and repair services in Clinton County. Call us today!

Septic Installation

Our team at T & L Septic Service LLC is experienced in tank installation, repair, excavation, removal and replacement. Call the T & L Septic Service LLC to have your old septic system repaired, or a new system installed if necessary. We have the equipment, qualifications and technical expertise to safely and efficiently evaluate your system and get the job done, while maintaining respect for your property. We have full line of excavation equipment to get your septic tank buried at the proper depth; then you can count on our experienced team to get your plumbing back in order.

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